Round Pen Guide for July 2, 2023

(Ask Someone in advance to do the icebreaker, and remind them how to do it) 
What did you do ( or plan to do) for July 4th Holiday?
Opening Prayer –someone from Group that you ask privately in advance
Remember that you don’t have to do all the questions!!
Someone read Matthew 5:13-16 and I John 3:8 
Based on this scripture, and perhaps what you might remember from Sundays message if you were there, what does this say to you about how followers of Jesus are to make a difference in a dark world?

What are some obstacles you see to us as Christians shining our light to dispel the darkness, reveal the hidden, and show the way?

What are some ways you can let your light shine to those around you...your immediate family, your grandchildren, co-works, friends and neighbors?  

How about in our institutions, organizations, and in the public square?
Someone read John 8:12 and John 1:5 and 2nd Corinthians 4:4
What should be the difference in how we ‘let our light shine” towards an individual transgender or gay person (or any lost person for that matter), and how we are to let it shine I regard to those who are trying to force their agenda on those who don’t share it?  
Pray for the church (that’s us) to let our light shine to push back the darkness, while showing the way to Jesus to those caught in the darkness of this world’s lies.

Pray for each other – our needs- and particularly our need to live holy lives.

Upcoming Events of Note

Benefit Goat Roping Saturday July 8th
Books open 6 pm Roping Begins 7 pm. Small Entry Fee and Prizes. See facebook page for more details 
SADDLE UP LUNCH Sunday July 23rd
If you have never been, or it’s been several years, register for a free lunch; over lunch our leaders will share the ‘why behind the what’ of the message, mission, and methods of Cowboy Church.